Healing the past, shielding the present and saving the future . . . One life at a time.
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U Touch I Tell
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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute...that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins

Knowledge, Awareness and Prevention

Helps Insure a Safer Tomorrow


We are here to introduce to the victims, children, parents-family and predators the power and
impact of the U Touch I Tell(TM) Message.

Breaking the silence is never too late. Better late than never!

No one - no matter who they are - has the right to touch your private parts, or ask you to touch
theirs. (Private parts are the parts covered by your bathing suit). If they touch, you tell!

Childhood happens once. As adults and parents, we get one chance to make a positive impact on the
childhood. Believe, listen, support and love your children or the victims unconditionally. It's never
their fault! - Amalia Rivera

Often the violated becomes the violator. There is absolutely no excuse! Beware and
think twice. U touch, they will tell!
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U Touch I Tell(TM) - Non-Profit Organizations - Protecting Child Sexual Abuse Victims

U Touch I Tell(TM) Foundation (U.T.I.T.F.) is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit with a distinct purpose of
providing information and support that will empower community members with the ability to identify
and report instances of sexual abuse towards children.
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