Healing the past, shielding the present and saving the future . . . One life at a time.
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U Touch I Tell
©2012 U Touch I Tell(TM)
©2012 U Touch I Tell(TM)

Chi Hosseinion


Chi Hosseinion speaks with passion to protect children from sexual abuse by working with
educators, parents and caretakers.

As the founder of the U Touch I Tell Foundation™, and author of the children’s book, U Touch I Tell in multiple languages, her mission truly is worldwide.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Hosseinion works with victims by providing understanding and support through the foundation. She represents U Touch I Tell
Foundation with community outreach by offering her services as a certified Darkness to Light Facilitator.

Through collaboration with Darkness to Light, she hosts their Stewards of Children program workshops which teach adults the "7 Steps to Protecting Our Children."

"Empowering victims with a sense of new hope and selfworth is an essential part of the
UTouchITell Foundation mission," she says.