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©2012 U Touch I Tell(TM)

Katherine Wilczek

Board Member

Katherine Wilczek is on the U Touch I Tell Board of Directors as the Coordinator of Criminal Justice. Katherine has been active in both working with children as well as studying in the Criminal Justice field for many years and she is thrilled that she is able to pursue both of her passions working with the U Touch I Tell Foundation.

Katherine received her Bachelorís of Science from California State University of Los Angeles. While there she studied a wide range of topics within the Criminal Justice system. Her main interests lied within the realms of seeking justice prevention for cases that dealt with women and children. She also became interested in enforcing preventative measures when it comes to laws dealing with children. It was the lack of voice that these children, as victims, had that fueled Katherine.

Katherine started working at a school when she was sixteen. She currently still teaches at the same school and is passionate about what she does. Katherineís drive is rooted in wanting to give the children a voice in the future; she believes an education is a huge part of every childís future.

By being on the U Touch I Tell Board, Katherine is able to incorporate two things that she is passionate about. Not only does the foundation emphasize prevention through education, it also gives victims a voice.