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U Touch I Tell

Mission Statement

U Touch I Tell(TM) Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a
mission to provide platforms of support for open dialogue in order
to deter and prevent the inappropriate interactions between
potential predator and minors.  We accomplish these measures
by the relentless engagement in equipping caregivers with
pragmatic instruction that works to alleviate the conditions in
which predators prey and thrive.
1. Children
2. Adult victims
3. Parents and families
4. Educators
5. Law enforcement

Who Will We Help?

How Will We Help?

1. Disseminate information
2. Initiate a call center for information relevant to the process of reporting suspected abuse
3. Connect community members with resources
4. Provide resources for prevention and awareness
5. Conduct Connect and Heal Seminars and workshops
6. Host book readings relevant to stopping sexual abuse
7. Do fund raising and community involvement
8. Produce documentaries relevant to sex trafficing and ideologies in different cultures relevant to sexual abuse.

Where Will We Help?

Starting in Los Angeles County, California, throughout the United States and around the world.
Privacy Policy and Legal Information
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